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What services do you offer?

Creating memorable Brand Identities for your Business/Organization that separates you from the competition, with over 10 years of Advertising and Graphic Design experience I know what it takes to create an effective Flyer, Poster, Postcard and Magazine Advertisement that will get the results you are looking for. As a child I’ve always had a passion for Art, with a developed unique art-style I can create characters, mascots and even illustrate covers to your specific need.

What does it cost to hire you?

I have no set price list, but rather I listen carefully to what potential clients require and put together a unique proposal based on their needs. Send me an email outlining your specific need in order for me to give you a proper quote. We can then set a time to talk about more detail of what you are looking to do. It’s also important to remember that you are not simply hiring me to ‘design a graphic’, but rather, to listen to your needs and to build a relationship to help your business/organizations grow.

What exactly will I receive?

This depends on your needs, however in terms of deliverables this could include logo files, stationery, styleguides, website files, social media avatars, RAW files and so on. You will also receive consultation, support & research on my behalf all throughout the project, and after too.

How long will the project take?

The majority of time frames range from three weeks to three months, but it’s sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the work required. The length of a project may also depend how quickly a client responds to emails and proofs. I have had experiences where client takes a week to get back to me then expects something the next day because they are running out of time. I advise to allow some time to make corrections if need. Last minute work is also not recommended.

What does the process involve?

The design process is never linear, but in short my process goes similar to this:

Listen to the client & define design brief > Proposal > 50% deposit > Research > Conceptualizing > Rendering > Presentation > Revisions > Final 50% > Delivery > Support. It’s a fairly standard format, but my approach is flexible so there’s no restriction on creativity.

Can we still work together if we live in different countries?

Yes, business is simply conducted via email, phone and video chat as needed. If you are in the area, then it would be great to meet.

Do you do all of the work?

Yes, all work is done my me, which means you will be working directly with me on all your projects unless specified.

Are you the right designer for the job?

My design skills adapt, through design brief and research based on what we have discussed. Being able to adapt to a clients specific need comes with experience dealing with a variety of businesses, each have a unique look and feel.

How do you accept payment?

For most projects, I request a 50% down payment to schedule in work. I accept payments via bank transfer, PayPal or Check. The exact details and terms will be provided in my proposal. The final 50% will be paid on completion of the project, prior to releasing the final artwork.

When can we get started?

I only take on a few projects at a time to ensure that each client gets their deserved attention. Please send me an email to check my availability, as this changes all the time.

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